Coworking Space

Business Incubator

Great Working Place

Located in a green settings at the border of Brussels, SNCube’s coworking space offers a 1000m2 modern space in a nice surrounding and all the facilities a startup needs to work comfortably on its business:

  • Shared, fixed and closed offices
  • 4 meeting rooms
  • Printing and 3D printing services
  • Mail management
  • Daily cleaning
  • Reception service
  • Water and fairtrade coffee for free

SNCube’s purpose is also to help startups to grow their business. Working in constant collaboration with SN Invests, SNCube gives an access to a large network of mentors and investors, in-house startup accelerators and a group of talented entrepreneurs.

SNCube’s owner Fabian Thylmann, the founder and former managing partner of the adult website conglomerate Manwin, is willing to share his knowledge and give precious advice to help you grow your company.

Finally, SNCube is more than anything else, an awesome place to work to. Apart from the various advantages that our space has to offer, we’re giving you acces to a relax room where you can enjoy nice sofas, an arcade and two pinball machines.

On top of that, every morning, you’ll have access to a free breakfast buffet including fresh orange juice, coffee, tea, bacon and eggs, sausages, smoothies, pastries, cereals, muffins, cookies, bread with butter and jam, etc. We just told you: awesome!

Our Packs

Shared Desk



  • Access to any desk in the open space

  • Flexible solution

  • From 295€/month

Fixed Desk



  • Fixed desk with a computer screen

  • 24/7 access

  • From 495€/month

Closed Office



  • Closed office with 4 desks and “Bene” chairs

  • 24/7 access

  • 20, 40 or 50m2

  • From 1000€/month

Included Services

Reception service

Daily Cleaning

Access to 4 meeting rooms

Ruckus WiFi

Phone booth access

Daily scan or distribution of your mail

Water and fairtrade coffee for free

Invitations to SNCube events

Shower room

Access to relax zone

Guest welcoming service

Mail Management

Printer Access

Bike Parking

Access to sofa zone

Meeting Rooms

Discover the SNCube’s Meeting Room for Rent in Brussels. Inside this “All-Inclusive” Coworking Space in Tervuren, 4 meeting rooms are available for rent. With a 10, 14, 25 or 35 people capacity you’ll find the meeting room that suits your needs best and you’ll enjoy a high-quality work environment.


 Mini desk packShared deskFixed deskClosed office
Price120 €295 €450 €from 1000€
Access2 days a week or for internsbadged 24/7badged 24/7badged 24/7
Company address
Included arrangements- Open space spot- Preferred desk spot in the open space (given availability)
- Trolly
- Fixed desk guaranteed
- Computer screen
- Trolly
- Closet
- Closed office
- 4 desks
- "Bene" chairs
- 1 big closet
Fixed gigE ethernet ports2up to 10
WiFishared WiFishared WiFiprivate WiFiprivate WiFi
Printerpaid service
"Lounge" meeting room6h per month for free6h per month for free6h per month for free
"Rainbow" meeting room6h per month for free6h per month for free6h per month for free
"Capucines" meeting roompaid servicepaid service2h per month for free2h per month for free
"Grand champs" meeting roompaid servicepaid service50% off50% off
Workshop25% off50% off50% off50% off
Parking10 € / day75 € / month50 € / monthfirst free


If you have any question, or need any information, just send us an email and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks!