STATSNET-SN Invests logo

Founded by Fabian Thylmann, STATSNET – SN Invests is a small investment company helping startups get their early life right and think big. Always looking for interesting projects to invest in, SN Invests focuses on seed investments as an angel investor in the online and mobile space markets. However the company is not limited by such parameters and is ready to seize other attractive opportunities whenever they arise.

Frontback logo

Frontback is a fun camera app allowing you to combine the front and back camera of your device. You can share multiple sides of a story by showing more details or simply show before/after pictures. The possibilities are endless. logo

M4KE.IT is a community of engineers, designers and talented people brought together around the same passion: new technologies and entrepreneurship. We share the same desire which is to combine creativity and technology.

Fullup logo

Thanks to a connected probe linked to your domestic fuel oil tank, Fullup allows to survey your energetic consumption. Receive alerts and notifcations through the Fullup app and order your fuel oil in one click.

Tipaw logo

Tipaw is an online platform which connects responsible and trusted dog breeders with customers looking for a puppy dog. Breeders are “certified” and carefully picked to make sure that the dogs are healthy and bred in a good environment.

Share project logo

Founded by two young entrepreneurs, Share is an enterprise which commercialises a simple but yet revolutionary product: a solidarity water. Profits are then used to finance societal projects preemptively selected.

Helpilepsy logo

Helpilepsy is a digital open platform (mobile & web app) for people living with epilepsy & for their physicians. Helpilepsy also develops a connected wristband to alert loved ones during seizures.